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Transforming the way PV O&M Field Force works

In today’s dynamic business environment, O&M field service is dealing with increasing costs, growing customer expectations, and threatening competition. Every successful O&M provider is looking forward to lift service levels and improve service bottom line by empowering field force to turnaround faster and work better.

Even most well run O&M service providers rely on traditional modes of communication, paper-based data management, and manual processes. This results in silos of information, less transparency, and deferred turnarounds. Diaspark Energy Smart Monitoring along with Field Mobility can help an O&M service provider by enhancing and fast-tracking the way field a technician works.

Diaspark Energy’s enterprise level mobile apps for O&M providers are scalable, customizable and offer an intuitive user experience.

Some key features for field force transformation:

  • Automate your field force operating procedures. With Diaspark Energy you can eradicate paperwork and offer real-time status updates. Our efficient mobile workflows adapt to your prevailing processes, letting you automate field force operations without altering the way you work.
  • Troubleshoot it accurately the first time. Turnaround faster and complete the repair-order as quickly as possible to honor service-level agreements (SLAs) and reduce costs. Every minute of downtime has a tangible cost, whether monetary or customer perceived value. Access to service work history and instructions shortens the time to diagnosis and gets the problem fixed faster.
  • Increase wrench time. With Diaspark Energy, field force has a vision of real-time location and status information. This helps in scheduling and routing your technicians more accurately to spend more time on site and less time on the road.
  • Reduced errors. Technicians can take pictures for documentation of damage, time spent on tasks and spare parts used, and close the repair order on-site ensuring accuracy and faster response.

By optimizing the utilization of your field force with our Field Mobility app, you will improve productivity, decrease overall service delivery cost and in turn meet your customer service-level agreements. Finally rounding this out with Diaspark Energy’s Monitoring, Asset Management and O&M suite you can grow with market share, enhance customer loyalty, generate new service revenues, and increase shareholder wealth.